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FirePay Personal Account


What is FirePay Personal Account?

A FirePay Personal Account works like an online debit card. Using your Visa or Mastercard, you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account, and then use FirePay to buy chips. If you have problems purchasing using your Visa or Mastercard, then we invite you to use the FirePay Personal Account to buy chips. As soon as you make a Firepay transaction, your account is updated immediately, and everything is confirmed by email.

You can also use FirePay to make other on-line purchases; many websites now accept Firepay as a simple, convenient and secure method of payment.


Are there fees to use FirePay Personal Account?

There is absolutely no service charge to sign up for, fund, or pay with a FirePay Personal Account.


What are the security benefits of FirePay Personal Account?

Your FirePay Personal Account is very safe from abuse because it's impossible for your account to be charged for more than you choose to fund it with.

The FirePay transaction processing technology, hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre, is the most advanced in the industry. It uses sophisticated security features such as strong encryption, double firewalls, IP address filtering, and a role-based access control system. Your credit card number and personal information are never transmitted or stored in a manner where they could be compromised.


Who is FirePay?

FirePay is a division of SureFire Commerce, a world leader in secure payment processing. SureFire Commerce currently processes over $1 billion of consumer payments annually.


Is FirePay available in my country?

YES! FirePay is available in every country.


How do I contact FirePay for any questions?

You may contact FirePay by email at Cost of wellbutrin xl brand
or by phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

International: 1-514-380-2777
North America: 1-866-525-4694 (toll-free)


How do I get a FirePay Personal Account?

  1. Go to signup.firepay.com.
  2. Next to "Email" and "Retype Email", type in your email address.
  3. Press the button [SIGNUP].
  4. You will then arrive at a confirmation page, which says “Congratulations!” Your email address will be displayed. Confirm it by pressing the “SIGN UP” button again.
    You will then arrive at a confirmation page, to confirm your signup, which says "Thank you!..."
  5. Your account name is your email address. A temporary account password will be emailed soon to your email address. The password in the email will be next to the text "Your temporary password is:".
  6. When you receive your password, go to www.firepay.com
  7. In the top right corner, there is an orange section called "MEMBER".
  8. Next to "Email:", type in your email address. Next to "Password:", type in your password that FirePay sent to you by email.
  9. Press the button [LOGIN].
  10. You will arrive at a page that says "Password Expired", where you need to change your temporary password.
  11. Next to the "Old Password" enter your old password.
  12. Next to the "New Password" enter your new password.
  13. Next to the "Re-enter New Password" enter your new password again.
  14. Press the button [OK].
  15. You will arrive at a page that says "Welcome to FirePay", welcoming you to FirePay.
  16. Click on the "Create an Account" tab to create your account details.
  17. Next to "First Name" enter your first name. Next to "Last Name" enter your last name.
  18. Next to "Address Line 1" and "Address Line 2" enter your street address. It needs to be the same address as for the credit card that you will use to fund your FirePay Personal Account.
  19. Next to "City" enter your city. Next to "Country" choose your country name in english. Again, these need to be the same as for the credit card you will use, if possible.
  20. Next to "ZIP/Postal Code", enter your postal code. This needs to be the same as for the credit card you will use.
  21. Next to "Home Phone" enter your home telephone number.
  22. Next to "Secret Question", type in a question. Next to "Secret Answer", type in the answer to that question. If you forget your password later on, then FirePay will ask you this question, and will change your password only if you supply this answer, to make sure that it really is you who is asking for the password change. An example of a question to use is - What is my favorite TV show?
  23. Next, you must click on the little box at the left of "Check this box." This will confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the FirePay Personal Account. So first read these, by clicking on "Terms and Conditions of Use" on the same line.
  24. Press the button [SUBMIT].
  25. This will bring you to a page called "FirePay Account Results". Please write down the numbers and information on this page, because it is your FirePay Personal Account information. Next to "FirePay Account #" is your Firepay Personal Account number. Next to "Valid From" is the start month and year of this account. Next to "Good Through" is the expiration month and year of this account. Next to "Login Name" is the Login name of this account, which is also your email address. Next to "Result" is the word "Successful", which means that your account has been successfully created.
Note: If you have problems viewing these www.Firepay.com pages, then it is recommended to use Internet Explorer 5.5 128 bit. If your version of Internet Explorer is not 5.0, then it is recommended to go to the menu / Tools / Internet Options... / Advanced - scroll to the bottom to the Security section, and remove the following 2 options: "Use SSL 3.0" and “Use PCT 1.0”.


How do I fund my FirePay Personal Account?

It's simple, quick and secure to put money into your FirePay Personal Account.

  1. Go to www.firepay.com
  2. In the top right corner, there is an orange section called "MEMBER".
    In that section, next to "Email:", type in your email address. Your email address is your FirePay user name.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press the button [LOGIN].
  5. Click on the "Deposit Funds" tab.
    Next to "Account Number", type in your FirePay Personal Account number.
  6. Next to "Card Type", choose either "Visa" or "Mastercard", according to which credit card you will use to fund your FirePay Personal Account.
  7. Next to "Credit Card Number", type in your credit card number.
  8. Next to "Expiry Date (MM/YYYY)", type in the 2-digit month number then 4-digit year of your credit card's expiry date.
  9. Next to "Deposit Amount", enter the amount that you wish to deposit from your credit card to your FirePay Personal Account.
  10. Press the button [SUBMIT].
  11. You will then receive an email confirming this deposit. It will say "This email confirms that you have successfully funded your FirePay Personal Account...", with the date and amount.

Next to "City" enter your city. Next to "Country" choose your country name in english. Again, these need to be the same as for the credit card you will use, if possible.

It's as easy and quick to buy chips using a FirePay Personal Account as using a credit card.

  1. Go to the Buy Chips option in the casino software, and enter the amount to buy.
  2. Choose the Firepay button.
  3. Enter your FirePay Personal Account number in the Credit Card Number field. To ensure the security of the transaction, please also enter the name, address and expiry date information.


Lucky Casino


Although every attempt has been made to ensure fairness and security toward the player at each of the links that can be found in the directories, TheGamblingHouse.net cannot be held responsible if discrepancies occur between an online gambling operation and the player after following a link from this web-site. 

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